About Us

Yonker as a brand, owned by Yonker Skates Pvt. Ltd., was primarily established for manufacturing of all goods related to skates and skating protectives. Currently Yonker lists over a hundred SKU well loved by kids and adults all across the country. The brand and company holds 25 years of global experience in the field.

Amongst company products the skating headgear was widely appreciated and using it as foundation the firm slowly started manufacturing head protection of different sports. The Yonker Cricket line was first introduced as a result and now produces various models for beginners to professional. A couple of models are BSI tested and certified for new BS 7928:2013 standards.

Moving on from Cricket, Yonker developed Equestrian head protector which is again tested with BSI standards, PAS 015:2011, which is one the toughest standards in the world for product certification. The Equestrian helmet is also being tested with multiple agencies and standards such as ASTM and Snell. Adding to the SKU’s Yonker also developed a few models of Skating/Cycling Helmets which are again tested and certified to provide genuine protection.

Yonker Skates Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in upholding their consistency in quality and continuous innovation. In near future, the aim is to achieve continuous ISO 9001 standards as well as Kitemark. The complete manufacturing is done in-house where all raw materials are sourced locally with a few specialized materials from overseas. The firm comprises of a large production team that is continuously working towards implementation of standardized management, advanced equipment and skilled workers. Technical personnel have been appointed for strict inspection and quality control of products after every stage of manufacturing.

Yonker Skates Pvt. Ltd. also tends to OEM needs related to skating and cricket industry while upholding ethical business moto of not plagiarizing our client’s designs. The company provides them with same quality and care, if not more so, as with their own products. Yonker products as well as OEM products are sold globally across all major sports platforms with growing demand every season.

Scope of Work with Us

Yonker Skates Pvt. Ltd. welcomes OEM designs for manufacturing from scratch and/or modification of existing designs based on customer needs. We are also willing to set up manufacturing units, if needed, depending on client’s product quality and quantity.